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About the agency

27 years of experience!
79+ implemented investment projects!
792 million UAH of involved investments!
Priority support for businesses and startups of the MILITARY, veterans of the ATO, and projects aimed at the needs of the military (rehabilitation, employment, etc.) and the needs of the Armed Forces and Victory!
We ONLY offer projects that we have studied and in which we personally invest!
INVEST in UA (+)! Earn for UA!


To investors:We teach and help you form your own PROFITABLE investment portfolio.Protection and support of your investments: legal support, participation in meetings, independent analysis and audit of reports on your investments, successful court practice
Businesses and STARTUPS:We help you find funding, improve your positioning and scale!
To Ukrainian artists:Cinematographers: we finance and mentor Ukrainian film projects: feature films, documentaries, cartoons, script development.For rock musicians: music videos, album recording, promotion of rock music.

To foreign investors and investment funds: selection and verification of investment objects according to your profile;
legal and organizational support of your investments.

Invest in the best companies


Production of UAVs for the Armed Forces

entrance from $2500,yield of 50%


Production of remote weapon control turrets, using thesoftware complex

entrance from $5000,yield of 70%


Development and production of various types of combat drones, including reconnaissance, reconnaissance-strike and kamikaze drones

entrance from $5000,yield of 55%


Financing of supplies for the producer of beer and snacks of the Kharkiv company MAX BEER

Military businesswe advise you to investentrance from $2500,yield of 20%++in CURRENCY


Investing in the production of Ukrainian Know-How product - LIQUID plaster from the manufacturer of cosmetics of the Odessa company DUSHKA

entrance from $5000,yield of 30% in UAH


Investing in the opening of a fitness club branch in Kyiv on Vynogradar from the #2 company on the market of fitness services MalibuFIT.club

entrance from $2500,yield of 50%


Investing in apartments in Turkey

entry from $10,000,
yield of 50% per annum

Implemented projects


Serial development of UAVs and water drones for self-propelled guns3 projectsInvolved investments:$1.5 million


MalibuFIT8 fitness clubs were opened with the funds of our investors from 40 clubs of the network Involved investments:$2.3 million


Film companySMART MOVIETHREE film projectsInvolved investments:$400,000


A chain of coffee shops5 branchesInvolved investments:$100,000


SPOT GLASS ІТ стартапPre-seed financingInvolved investments:$500,000


Lease and monetization of communal real estate9 projectsInvolved investments:$1 million


Financing of fruit importsInvolved investments:$350,000



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Supervisory Board

"We created an investment agency for INVESTORS and sustainable BUSINESSES for safe investment and finding financing. That is why the Charter of the investment agency requires the presence of a supervisory board for the selection of projects that we have analyzed and advise you to invest in."

BOARD of the investment agency


Dmytro Chornyi

Founder & CEO

• Financier, marketer
• Investment specialist
• Founder and director:
Smart Movie film companies
Network of fitness clubs # 2 in Ukraine Malibu Fit
Currently serves in the Air Defense Forces, protects our sky


Olena Kotovska

Head of the investment department

• Financier;
• Banker with 15 years of experience in the corporate business segment;
• Business manager;
• Entrepreneur;
• President of the club Rotaract Kyiv Int.


Sergey Solovtsov

Legal adviser of the agency

• Lawyer, lawyer with 15 years of experience;
• Founder of the legal company "ALIBI"
• Author of the volunteer project of Legal aid to military personnel.


Khrystyna Syngaivska

Head of the BizDev department (Marketing & Business development)

• Economist
• Psychologist
• Sales and franchising specialist
• Financial producer and
Co-founder of SMART MOVIE film company
• Founder of the "Business in Shorts" conference
• Co-author of the Smart Coach Podcast channel.


Ihor Tsalenchuk

Head of the agency's supervisory board

Entrepreneur and top manager with 25 years of experience.

The owner of two online businesses in the field of education, the founder of a startup. President of the EUROPEAN ONLINE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION.

Managed large companies in the field of construction and real estate development "Monterra Montenegro", "A8 Properties", "HERTS", "VOK Development", "Ukrainian Construction Concern" - up to 11,000 people under management. Certified real estate development consultant, PMP.

Teacher of "Strategic Management" and "B2B Marketing" courses at KBSH and KmBS.

Author of 8 books, 463 articles and more than 4500 videos.

Our social projects

Heading photo

The project "Children of war - children of hope" will be supported by the NGO Rotract Kyiv International - a project of psychological art therapy for children from the de-occupied territories.

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"SHELTER" project - together with the NGO Rotary Club International, 179 shelters were built for internally displaced persons

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Together with the Ukrainian franchise network of MalibuFIT fitness clubs, since 2014 we have created a FREE military rehabilitation program "FIGHTER'S BACK", which is still working today. More than 10,000 military personnel passed through the program.

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"AMBULANCE" project Together with partners from Italy, two ambulances were brought and handed over to hospitals in Kharkiv and Chernihiv

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The "Generator" project was handed over together with partners
40 generators in shelters

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The "Morning in the Museum" project, together with the SMART MOVIE film company, financed and produced a series of documentaries about the expeditions and exhibitions of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War during the full-scale invasion

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Together with the SMART MOVIE film company, they produced a music video for a poem by the Ukrainian artist More Noir
Taras Shevchenko "Thoughts"

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The OSA drone project together with the First Contact company, the Children's and Youth Film Studio named after O. Khanzhonkov, the Faith Foundation is collecting for the production of attack drones for our army https://osadron.hanzhonkov.com/


Kyiv, st. Reitarska, 6
LLC "Invest UA investment agency"

+380 44 209 40 22+380 67 247 77 73


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